Tuesday, 24 February 2015

3 Effective Belly Exercises For Women

In this article I want to share 3 highly effective belly exercises for women. These exercises can help you to strengthen and tone your stomach. If done while pursuing a healthy and sensible diet, these exercises can help you to flatten your abs.

Here are the exercises:
Flutter kicks
  This is an awesome lower belly exercise that can be quite intensive. I love flutter kicks as you can feel the effort in your abs very quickly. To do this exercise you need to first lie down on the floor with your body stretched out and your hands at your side. Raise both legs about 5 inches off the ground with your feet pointing away. Start moving your feet up and down very quickly in small motions no more than 4-5 inches in length. All the while, keep your lower back and upper body firmly on the floor. It won't take long until you feel your abs "screaming" for mercy. Try it. It's an awesome exercise.

Reverse crunches
I love reverse crunches because it's a highly effecive stomach exercise for women (and men too) and is much easier on the lower back than many other exercises. To do reverse crunches you need to lie on the floor with both knees bent. Lift both feet a few inches off the floor. By crunching your abs, bring both knees in the direction of your chest. Make sure to really crunch your stomach muscles at the end of the movement. Lift your butt off the floor a bit during the motion to give you an addition range of motion. On the return movement, make sure to not let your feet touch the floor and to not let your lower back rise from the ground.

The Plank
The plank is an awesome static abdominal workout that really strains the muscles. To do the plank, you need to go into a position that looks like that of a push up with one small difference: you shouldn't rest on your palms but on your forearms. Make sure your back and neck and head are straight and form one line. Keep your eyes firmly on the floor and hold this position for as long as you can. Make sure to be stable and not allow yourself to sway. Hold your abs in tightly and breathe normally. You'll find that the plan is a truly challenging exercise that can help you flatten your abs.

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