Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Blast fat with a Super Combo Fat Loss Workout

super-combo-fat-loss-workoutI love working out but sometimes I don’t have a lot of time. I don’t want to blow off my workout, but often I have less than 45 minutes to get in and out of the gym. So what’s a busy personal trainer to do? Instead of skipping my workout altogether, I perform a 30 minute intense workout using exercise combos.
It’s actually pretty simple: I flow seamlessly from one exercise to the next without resting or changing the weight.
Because I don’t take a rest between one move and the next, these combo’s deliver an awesome strength AND cardiovascular workout. They have a little high-intensity interval training component built right into them.
Not only do I get my workout done faster, but I also burn some major calories. And, I don’t just do this when I’m short on time. This workout can be a fully-functional 60 minute program just by increasing the weight, reps and sets.
I want to point out that I DO NOT use this workout to replace my regular strength training workouts. Since I don’t change the weight in the middle of a combo, I don’t hit some muscles as hard as I can. However, this super combo fat loss workout is so intense, I found it quickly leans me out.
I usually do one (1) super combo fat loss workout a week along with 3 weight training workouts and one day of interval cardio. Combine that with my 2 rest days, some good clean eating and I’ve got myself a recipe for amazing results.

Add this super combo fat loss workout to your weekly routine and shed some serious fat!

3 SETS  X  12-15 REPS
Dumbbell Squat to Lateral Raise
Stability Ball / Dumbbell Press to Oblique Core Roll
Dumbbell Bicep Curls to Overhead Press
Dumbbell Lunge to Back Row
Medicine Ball Lunge to Chop
Stability Ball/Front Raises to Overhead Tricep Press
Dumbbell Press-Dumbbell Fly Combo with Hip Bridges

Medicine Ball Super Crunch
Stability Ball Plank Roll Outs


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