Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Getting Shape Up With Bootcamp Circuit Exercise

by Taylor G | Go

We all know that we aim for a beach body or our fitness goal is to build and tone muscle. But we wonder what could be the best exercise if we don't go to gym or exercise with a professional fitness trainer. We may find help through online fitness videos. We can learn all fitness exercises and its worth. However, why everybody talks about bootcamp circuit exercise?
What is it for us? Bootcamp circuit exercise is simply made for fitness buffs who want to lose weight. It is a perfect cardio workout because it focuses on the lower, upper and core body. And the best part, there is no need for fitness equipment. You can exercise anywhere and anytime.
What else can we get from Bootcamp Circuit Exercise?

First, it heightens our adrenaline. If we are in bootcamp training, everything is tough and full of surprises. Every workout has variations to avoid boredom. Burn-out exercises are killers. It discourages us to go on. If we indulge ourselves in bootcamp circuit exercise, we feel accomplish and determine to continue with our personal training because of the customized circuit exercise. Most personal trainers add a twist to every exercise. They will push our limits and value our capability to work hard for our dream body or fitness goal.

Second, it has a persuasive support system. If we talk about bootcamp, it usually involves group settings. Therefore, we are not alone with our fitness training. It's great to have an exercise buddy, right? In bootcamp circuit exercise training, we exercise with people who share the same fitness goal. Our exercise buddy motivates and inspires us to achieve our fitness goals. Workout fanatics help us to convince ourselves that we are in the right track.

Third, it is inexpensive. There is no need for us to buy fitness equipment.

And lastly, it is effective for our fitness goal. It is highly designed for losing weight and toning our body. In addition, it improves our cardiovascular muscles, stamina, muscle strength, posture, flexibility, blood pressure and of courses it boosts our energy levels.

Now, what are these important circuit exercises in boot camp training?
Effective bootcamp circuit exercise samples are:
A. Push-ups for your chest and arms
B. Sit-ups for your abs
C. Triceps dip for your triceps
D. Pull-ups for shoulder, chest and arm
E. Lunges for quads and your butt
F. Squats for quads, butt and hamstrings
The sample bootcamp circuit exercises are quite easy as it seems. But be aware that the reason why it is called a "Circuit Training", because each sample must be repeated twice with limited resting period. You are only allowed to rest for a quick 30 second after 8, 12 or 16 repetitions and then you must proceed to the next exercise.

Take a Leap of Faith
Bootcamp circuit exercise is very helpful for losing weight and toning up our muscle group. It is very tiring yet very effective. If we are determined to achieve our dream beach body, then don't hesitate to try circuit exercises. We must take a risk and work hard for our body. Of course, in taking a leap for our fitness regimen, we must consult our doctor first for any medical conditions. If we are in good conditions, then continue exercising and eventually we will be able meet our fitness expectations.

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