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Know the Exact Definition of Circuit Training Workouts for Women

Circuit training workouts for women comprises short weight-bearing exercises and women needs to carry medium weights and perform many repetitions to achieve great results. 
 Circuit training workouts for women are composed of short weight-bearing exercises that require women to use medium weights and do many repetitions to attain great results. Each of the designed exercises is immediately followed by another set of routine that targets a different muscle group, which is also performed at a different station having 9 to 12 exercises that will make up a complete circuit. Circuit training workouts for women allow the exerciser to avoid waiting her muscles to rest between sets by changing muscle groups. The routine will allow the exerciser’s heart rate up all throughout the workout. 

Over the past years, circuit training exercises for women has become popular because of its great results for both weight loss and general self-esteem. These workouts are designed specifically for maximum flexibility by allowing women to create a resistance circuit by using free weights, exercise machines, resistance bands and even their own weight. The nine to twelve stations that complete the circuit focuses on all the major groups such as: legs, arms, chest, arms, back and abs. The workouts that complete the circuit can be performed in any order as long as the woman switches her muscle group between each exercise she performs and she does not take breaks. Some other circuit training workouts for women includes added routines that are effective in burning calories, which are usually jogging and jumping k jacks. These added calorie-burning burst is incorporated in 15- to 30-second cardio circuits that will allow a woman to attain great results. 

Since a lot of muscles are being used in every circuit, circuit training workouts for women usually have cross-training workout that will give less strain on the joints, making the workouts to have smaller chance of injury that the traditional weightlifting exercises. The program’s adherence rate is also good because it will not bore the exerciser as it has quick changes in the routine. 

However, all workouts have limitations and circuit training for workouts for women is not an effective way of building bulk muscles or increasing someone’s strength because of its design where more repetitions are done with lighter weight. That is why such program is not advisable for weightlifters who aim to increase their strength and muscles. 

In addition, people who wish to try these circuit training workouts and are not informed of weightlifting are more likely to injure themselves during the program than performing several programs of traditional weight lifting. An instructor will also find it difficult to emphasize form because of the quick changes between the exercises. 

In the United States, where such program is very popular for women because of its flexibility, circuit training workouts for women can be found in such titles: Muscle WorkFree Articles, Body Sculpt and Burn and Firm. 

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