Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Women Workouts at Home for Faster Fat Loss and Body Sculpting Results

It is entirely possible for women to workout at home and get amazing results in minimal time. Be prepared because the next statement may shock you: you do not need any equipment, gadgets, miracle pills or powders, or anything but your body weight to get fast fat loss and body sculpting results.
To transform your body in minimal time, you don't need any equipment that is advertised on TV - this goes for every ab machine ever created, as well as gadgets that promise to "tone your buns".
At home workouts women should do for faster fat loss results revolve around big, compound body weight exercises that use a lot of muscle at one time. You will not only burn a ton of calories while performing these exercises, but you will also burn fat and calories for up to 36 hours after the workout is finished.
That is why these exercises are so effective - long, slow cardio could never give you the great results these body weight workouts can.
Here is a brief list of some of the most effective body weight exercises for burning fat and sculpting lean, sexy muscle:

Legs and Lower Body
-Squats (sumo, close stance, Siff, hindu, etc)
-Lunges (lateral, walking, reverse, cross-over, etc)
-Jump squats/lunges
-Bulgarian split squats
-One leg Romanian deadlifts
-Box jumps
-Step ups
-One leg squats

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
-Push ups (close grip, walking, hindu, staggered, spiderman,
grasshopper, etc)
-Handstand push ups (intermediate variations)
-Wheelbarrow walks

Back and Biceps
-Inverted rows (one arm, palms up, neutral, etc)
-Chin ups/assisted chin ups
-Bear crawls

Ab/Core Exercises
-Inch worms
-Reverse crunches
-Planks (side, three point, etc)
-Mountain climbers

Total Body/Miscellaneous Exercises
-Burpees (advanced)
-Squat thrusts
-Bear crawls
-Crab walks
Those exercises will give you more fat loss and body toning results than any machine or piece of cardio equipment ever could!

Along with using the best body weight exercises, women should also perform circuits. To perform a circuit you will simply perform a set of each exercise before repeating the first exercise again. This is a great way to spend less time working out and getting more results, and why I use circuits exclusively with all my clients who workout at home.
Using those two important tips (using the best body weight exercises and performing circuits), here is a great sample workout:
Note: an exercise from each category listed above will be included in the workout

Women Workout at Home
-Crossover lunges x 12 each leg
-Grasshopper push-ups x 12
-Inverted row x 12
-Inch worm x 6
-Burpees x 12
Perform each exercise back-to-back. The best way to perform this workout is to set a timer for 15-30 minutes and complete as many circuits as possible in that period of time.
The next time you repeat that workout, complete more circuits in the same amount of time and/or increase the number of repetitions performed for each exercise.


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