Sunday, 22 March 2015

5 Tips to Increase Your Motivation for Indoor Cycling Workout

Are you trying to lose a few extra pounds or are you trying to slim down and get into shape? Indoor cycling is an increasingly popular way of getting fit. It is also extremely easy as no special training is required and you can do it in your spare time, no-matter what the weather is outdoors. However, not many people can keep up with a proper indoor cycling workout regime and abandon their exercise bikes, or they just simply do not derive any long term benefit to their fitness. This article offer some tips on how to keep up your motivation for indoor cycling and stop that boredom from creeping in.

Alternate Your Indoor Cycling Regimes

If you just stick to one indoor cycling workout regime every day, then you are guaranteed to get bored pretty quickly. Indoor cycling workouts, just like any other fitness activity, can be classified into different types. You can vary the workout in terms of exercise intensity, duration and frequency of the workout. High intensity workouts are useful for building up cardiovascular stamina, which would not be as relevant if you are training for a strength event. You should aim to combine sets of exercises to build up your body system and train up different muscle groups. Getting access to a specialist trainer can be helpful at the beginning to help build a proper plan for your workout, depending on what you are aiming for.

Attend an Indoor Cycling Class

This is useful especially when you are starting to lose motivation in indoor cycling. Attending an indoor cycling class at your local gym can be both fun and entertaining. You can participate in a group with similar fitness aims and this can motivate you to continue doing your indoor cycling regimes. It is also a good social event and can help you persist with your workouts through the rough times. If you cannot find time to attend the gym, then you can purchase some good fitness videos which you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Diversify Your Workout

Remember that indoor cycling is not the only means to get fit or lose weight. There are other ways such as jogging on a treadmill machine or other aerobic exercises. If you get bored, mix up your cycling with other forms of workouts to achieve your daily fitness goal. That is why attending a local gym can be useful as it can offer you this, in addition to access to their fitness instructors to guide you on your path. Research has shown that diversifying your workout offers you much more benefit than just sticking to a sole form of exercise. It also reduces the risk of injury from repetitive motions and muscle strain by doing constant activity.

Purchase a Good Exercise Bike

This is important if you are serious in indoor cycling workouts. Modern exercise bikes have multitude of information including calories burnt, distance traveled and cycling speed. They also give you useful feedback on your performance and you can gauge whether there is improvement in your fitness level. It is important to have a goal to work towards and motivate you to try harder each time and stay focused. Good exercise bikes can also give you varying levels of resistance to push yourself to the limit.

Working through Injury

One of the most annoying things that can disrupt your exercise regime is sustaining injury. Remember that cycling is just like any other form of strenuous exercise. Ensure that you do appropriate warmup and stretching exercises to prevent damage to your muscles or ligaments. Know what your body can take and avoid over-exertion, especially if you are just starting out with your fitness regime. If you are unfortunate enough to pick up an injury, then this should by no means end your fitness ambitions. You can always participate in other forms of stretching exercises or balance work.


Indoor cycling workouts are increasingly popular and can help you lose weight and maintain your level of fitness. The important tips to maintain your motivation include attending a local cycling class, getting access to a certified exercise trainer and purchasing good equipment. You should also take it slow at the beginning to avoid injuries, and diversify your workout so that you can maintain your motivation.


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