Monday, 2 March 2015

The Incredible Healing Power of Hot Yoga

Any Yoga practice is potent when it impulses you to new instincts, when it allows you to go deep within yourself and find your own hidden powers. Hot yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, is one such, which help you unleash your strengths and harness the power of your mind and body; teach you to appreciate even flaws, within yourself and within others. And there comes the incredible healing power!!
Because beyond the mental benefits, yoga -- and hot yoga in particular -- brings a lot of amazing physical benefits that are especially vital for active people who regularly run, cycle, swim and lift weights.
In Bikram or hot yoga, the room is heated to between 98 and 105 degrees give or take, and as the humidity rises the sweat comes, in large quantities. More than any other body parts, hot yoga makes use of your skin, the largest organ of our body, to flush out the toxins through sweat. By using the skin, you take pressure off the organs that usually detoxify us -- the liver, the kidneys, even the lungs.
The heat also warms the muscles, allowing us to stretch and move more deeply into poses. Hot yoga helps to have better flexibility to our body, the yoga poses are designed to get a complete massage to your organs, and it also help you to tone your muscles in well shape.
Studies have proven that the regular practice of any yoga practice can really help you to increase the flexibility of your body up to 40% in ten weeks of practice. By shifting from one pose to another, with a sequence that comprises mat poses and standing poses, hot yoga also offers very strong cardiovascular exercises. All the postures of Bikram yoga are totally dynamic in their own way.
Bikram Yoga also has been proven to balance blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rates. This kind of yoga also helps to boost energy levels and helps us to get a very sound sleep; as the name indicates, the hot yoga leaves you detoxified and feeling physically cleansed.

Bikram Yoga is a good choice for people in Dubai, who spends long hours in Gyms and for other workouts to keep their health. Rawr Yoga Dubai offers Bikram yoga classes in Dubai Marina; the classes are guaranteed with great results and literally help you to detoxify and tone your body.


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